Our fruit

The best banana of Ecuador.

Ecuador is the first exporter of bananas in the world due to its special characteristics of soil and climate, which is why the Ecuadorian banana is known for its quality and flavor in the international markets in Europe, Asia and North America.


Ginafruit exports the best quality of Cavendish bananas with the following characteristics:


Box Type 22XU (Europe and USA)

Box type 208 (ASIA)

Note: We can also pack the fruit under specific customer or market requirements.

Added Value

  • Decent and fair work
  • Steady intellectual growth under continuous training seminars.
  • Job security, a business necessity.
  • Job stability which is necessary for continuous and mutual growth.
  • Constant incentives for growth within the institution.
  • Being the best ecuadorian banana suppliers.
  • Giving the producer a fair and legal price.
  • Working to grow in production and exportation volume.
  • Giving always the best working conditions to our employees.
  • Keep growing with efficiency and maturity in market and quality management.
  • Return safely and sustainably the nutrients to nature.
  • Improving every day to achieve efficiency and reduce the use of agrochemicals.
  • Community responsibility for those who help us.

Photo Gallery of our fruit

Product of exportation

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Address: Av. Ferroviaria #602 and Panamericana Norte, Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

Telephones: (593) 999423369 - (593) 999423108

Tel/Fax: (593) 72992457

Email: gerencia@ginafruit.com.ec


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