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inaFruit S.A. is a family business dedicated to the production and export of bananas in Ecuador with more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry. Already four generations have worked and keep working on every day business of the company.

Our high quality standards are backed by GLOBAL GAP certifications, allowing us to serve the world's most demanding markets, such as Japan, Poland, Italy, Singapore, China, Chile, Turkey, among others. Being considered in most of our destinations a special premium quality product sold in high standard chains that have lead us to develop customized boxes and packing styles as a method of competitive advantage and sustainability.


Gina Fruit S.A. was created in 2001 by Alfredo Castro, a banana producer for over 35 years and a recognized character in the province of El Oro, and his wife Gina Alvear de Castro.

This company was created with one purpose: to give a legal and fair price to our partners producers.

The constant change in the price of fruit in the Ecuadorian market creates growing challenges of survival for small producers who are often disadvantaged by the lack of volume. We, on the other hand, give the best treat to our producers in terms of payment and customer service.

We have more than 300 workers under our direction. We provide housing, water, electricity, social security to our employees and most importantly a fair salary full of incentives for those working beyond our expectations.

Another important pillars is training, our technicians and farmers are in constant intellectual growth under many seminars throughout the year whether about the correct use of chemicals, water purification, first aid, new farming techniques and many more.

Alfredo Castro said:

This company is not only about selling bananas, it´s about giving a better quality of life to those who are out there in the field, because without them we are nothing.



To provide the best banana export service in Ecuador, always taking the same care even of the smallest orders. Our reputation and quality of the fruit is our best cover letter.


To reach more parts of the world with our fruit and always be recognized for our constant work of continuous improvement, outstanding quality and excellent customer service.
Always be committed to our producers to provide all facilities for mutual growth.

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Address: Av. Ferroviaria #602 and Panamericana Norte, Machala - El Oro - Ecuador

Telephones: (593) 999423369 - (593) 999423108

Tel/Fax: (593) 72992457



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