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GinaFruit S.A. is a family business with a 100 year history of dedicated Ecuadorian banana production and export. The knowledge and experience of four generations are at work everyday to provide our clients with the highest quality of agricultural products and service. Our high quality standards are backed by GLOBAL GAP, BASC and USDA certifications, allowing us to serve the world's most demanding markets, such as North America, Japan, Poland, Italy, Singapore, China, Chile, Argentina, Turkey, among others.

We have plantations located in the provinces of El Oro, Guayas and Los Rios. These are the areas in Ecuador with the best weather and highly fertile soil resulting in the most abundant and favorable conditiond for crop growth. This environment also allows us to reduce the use of chemicals to a minimun, delivering the healthiest bananas to our customers.

With our stringent quality controls on our farms we are the connection you can find to buy premium Ecuadorian bananas at the best price in the market.

Why choose

Increased traceability of the fruit
Direct connection between the plantation and the final consumer
Excellent customer service
Family business, constant care of fruit.

Testimonials of
our clients

"Excellent fruit. Fruit Quality exceeds expectations not to mention the great taste it has, very sweet"

Japanese Customer

"Great fruit quality and good weight boxes, both claimed by the end customer"

Italian Customer

"Better quality than I expected. Great care for the details"

Kosovo Customer

"Good Quality. Best customer communication"

Russia Customer

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